• Lyricist: Philip P. Bliss, pub.1873recast by Anonymous/Unknown
  • Composer: Harlan D. Sorrell, ca.1986
  • Subjects: Captivity/Freedom, Exhortation
  • Scriptures: Isaiah 10:20; Matthew 17:8
  • Key: C
  • Meter:
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  1. Light in the darkness, brother, day is at hand,
    See o’er the rolling Jordan fair Canaan’s land;
    Hark! O my captive brother, bondage is o’er,
    Leave the poor old human craft, and pull from the shore.
    • Refrain:
      Pull from the shore, brother, pull from the shore;
      Heed not the Babel cry, nor yet Satan’s roar;
      Christ is the lifeboat, brother, cling to sect no more,
      Leave the poor old stranded wreck and pull from the shore.
  2. Stay in the lifeboat, brother, all else will fail;
    Higher the surges dash and fiercer the gale;
    Heed not the stormy winds, though loudly they roar;
    Watch the “bright and morning Star,” and pull from the shore.
  3. Bright gleams the morning, brother, now we are free,
    Dark fogs now disappearing, Jesus we see;
    Out in the ocean of His love more and more,
    Glory, glory, hallelujah! pull from the shore.


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