• Lyricist: William G. Schell, 1893alt. by Clara M. Brooks
  • Composer: Barney E. Warren, 1893
  • Subjects: Missionary
  • Scriptures: Luke 10:2; Acts 15:17
  • Key: D♭
  • Meter:
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  1. On the borders of eternity the world is standing now,
    In a moment all the wicked will be lost in endless woe;
    Oh, they need some gospel teacher that they might salvation know,
    Who will quickly go and warn them? Brother, sister, will you go?
    • Refrain:
      Hear them calling for the gospel,
      Come and help us to be saved;
      Hear them calling for the gospel,
      Come and help us to be saved.
  2. Oh, how gratefully we welcome now the gleam of freedom’s light,
    Yet the millions have not seen it, still they roam in deepest night;
    Hear, oh, hear from every nation cries of sorrow and distress,
    Time is surely, swiftly ending, haste their dying souls to bless.
  3. We will pray the Lord to send His saving truth through every land,
    “Go ye therefore,” saith the Master, do you hear the great command?
    Oh, review your consecration, hasten to the harvest field,
    And a thousand souls in heaven gathered, be thy golden yield.


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