• Lyricist: A. F. Ferris, pub.1897
  • Composer: Ella B. Bishop, pub.1897
  • Subjects: Warning, Invitation, Judgment
  • Scriptures: Matthew 25:30; 2 Corinthians 5:11; Acts 26:28-29
  • Key: E♭
  • Meter: R
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. Oh, come to the Savior, thou poor, weary soul,
    ’Tis Jesus invites thee to come;
    By the pow’r of His blood would He now make thee whole,
    And fit thee to dwell in His home.
    • Refrain:
      To be lost in the night, in eternity’s night,
      To sink in despair and in woe;
      But such is thy doom, if thou turn from the light,
      Refusing His mercy to know.
  2. His great, loving heart beats in pity for thee,
    He anxiously waits for thee now;
    Oh, turn not away, but His bleeding hands see,
    They’ll smooth the dark clouds from thy brow.
  3. Your time now is passing, eternity’s near,
    The sun now hangs low o’er thy way;
    Oh, turn to Him now, the glad gospel word hear,
    Oh, hasten while yet there is day.


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