• Lyricist: Joel A. Erickson, 2006
  • Composer: Joel A. Erickson, 2006
  • Subjects: Trials, Joy
  • Scriptures: James 1:2
  • Key: C
  • Meter: D
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. As you journey day by day with Jesus,
    You will meet with problems hard to face;
    If you’re stuck, just ask your Friend to help you,
    He will give you problem-solving grace.
    • Refrain:
      He will turn your troubles into treasures,
      He will turn your sorrows into joy,
      Don’t be down, for He is surely giving
      Happiness to every girl and boy.
  2. Do you say your trials seem unending,
    And your troubles seem so very big?
    But with God a mountain is a molehill,
    And the strongest stump is but a twig.
  3. You will go through days that bring you sorrow,
    Many things may try to get you down,
    But God uses rain to make a rainbow,
    And He’ll use the thorns to make a crown.
  4. Take your troubles to the throne of Heaven,
    There you’ll see them through the Savior’s eyes;
    He can make the most of every moment;
    He can shrink your problems down to size.


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