• Lyricist: William E. Evans, 1886v. 1 alt. by John D. Martin
  • Composer: Henry Carey, pub.1742arr.
  • Subjects: Supplication, Worship
  • Scriptures: Psalm 24:7; Matthew 18:20
  • Key: F
  • Meter:
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  1. Come, O thou God of grace,
    Make this a holy place,
    Where Christ is heard.
    Draw every heart to Thee,
    And may our worship be
    Lives offered pure and free
    To Christ, our Lord!
  2. Be in each song of praise
    Which here thy people raise
    With hearts aflame!
    Let every anthem rise
    Like incense to the skies,
    A joyful sacrifice
    To Thy blest Name!
  3. Speak, O eternal Lord,
    Out of Thy living Word,
    O give success!
    Do Thou the truth impart
    Unto each waiting heart;
    Source of all strength Thou art;
    Thy gospel bless!
  4. To the great One in Three
    Glory and praises be
    In love now giv’n!
    Glad songs to Thee we sing,
    Glad hearts to Thee we bring,
    Till we our God and King
    Shall praise in heav’n!


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