• Lyricist: S. L. Sonubai Keskar, pub.1908alt.
  • Composer: William T. Meyer, ca.1912arr.
  • Subjects: Confidence, Trust
  • Scriptures: Jude 1:21,24
  • Key: A♭
  • Meter: D
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  1. Jesus, my Lord, my life, my all,
    In Thee I trust, in Thee I hide;
    I know Thou wilt not let me fall
    If I stay by Thy side.
    • Refrain:
      In Thy dear hands of love I lay,
      Fulfill Thy purposes in me;
      Teach me to say from day to day,
      Thy will be done in me.
  2. The storms of life are fierce and dark,
    And hosts of Satan press me hard;
    But still Thy strength can keep my bark,
    Though broken and sin-scarred.
  3. Though hard the cross, the burden great,
    And I so weak, so poor, undone;
    Yet on Thy side I’ll stand and wait,
    Till victory is won.
  4. The battle, Lord, is Thine, and we,
    Though foe may kill us; yet I see
    Thy blood sets poor dead captives free,
    Though fierce the war may be.


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