• Lyricist: Sylvan Ressler, 2003
  • Composer: Sylvan Ressler, 2003
  • Subjects: Worship, Praise
  • Scriptures: Revelation 4:11-5:14
  • Key: B♭
  • Meter: D
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. Glory and honor and majesty
    Give to the King of kings;
    Cherubim, seraphim, all the hosts
    Loud with hosannas ring.
    Blessing and honor we bring to Thee,
    Worthy, oh, worthy Thou;
    Thou has redeemed us from sin and death,
    Nations before Thee bow.
  2. Praise Him, ye heaven of heav’ns above,
    Praise Him, ye earths below;
    All of creation in anthem strong
    Praise from our hearts o’erflow.
    Nations may spurn Thee and shun Thy grace,
    Yet wilt Thou faithful prove;
    Those who will yield to the Shepherd’s call,
    He will their sins remove.
  3. High in the heavens there on Thy throne
    Seest Thou all mankind;
    Knowing our hearts and our thoughts always,
    Whom wilt Thou faithful find?
    All Thy creation and all Thy works
    Show forth Thy sov’reignty;
    Give our devotion and all our lives
    Totally, Lord, to Thee.


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