• Lyricist: Barney E. Warren, pub.1900
  • Composer: Barney E. Warren, pub.1900
  • Subjects: Invitation, Warning, Supplication
  • Scriptures: Acts 24:25; 26:28; 2 Corinthians 6:2
  • Key: F
  • Meter: D R
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  1. Almost decided, sinner,
    Will you not come today?
    Or will you slight the Savior
    Till He be gone away?
    Then what a sad condition,
    Helpless and bound in sin!
    Oh, will you not take warning?
    Hasten and come to Him.
    • Refrain 1:
      Guilty sinner, come today.
  2. Almost decided, shall I
    Harden my heart again,
    Grieve Him away forever,
    Thwarting God’s holy plan,
    Using my will against Him,
    Wronging my own poor soul,
    When He thus blest me wisely,
    Giving me self-control?
    • Refrain 2-4:
      Pardon all my sins today.
  3. Almost decided, shall I
    Hope for a better time,
    Waiting for more conviction,
    When only now is mine?
    Angel of mercy, help me,
    I cannot longer wait;
    I will make choice of heaven,
    Ere it shall be too late.
  4. Just as I am, receive me,
    Only Thy blood I plead;
    In Thy kind mercy hide me,
    I will be Thine indeed;
    Save me from sin this moment,
    Take all my guilt away;
    Speak the glad joys of pardon,
    Deep in my soul today.


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