• Lyricist: Charles W. Naylor,
  • Composer: Andrew L. Byers, ca.1926
  • Subjects: Trust
  • Scriptures: Psalm 78:53; 1 Thessalonians 1:6
  • Key: E♭
  • Meter:
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. The future lies unseen ahead,
    It holds I know not what;
    But still I know I need not dread,
    For Jesus faileth not.
    • Refrain:
      I’ll follow Him with rejoicing,
      With rejoicing, rejoicing;
      I know He safely will lead me
      To my eternal home.
  2. Doth He not know what I shall meet
    Upon life’s rugged way?
    Will He not guide my halting feet,
    Lest from the path I stray?
  3. No matter how things look to me,
    Nor if they threaten sore;
    I know my way prepared shall be,
    For Christ leads on before.
  4. The glory of eternal dawn
    Shines from His smiling face;
    So trusting Him I follow on,
    With heart made strong by grace.


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