• Lyricist: Josephine Pollard, 1871
  • Composer: William O. Perkins, 1897
  • Subjects: Heaven, Anticipation
  • Scriptures: Revelation 21:18
  • Key: E♭
  • Meter: D
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. Beyond the sunset’s radiant glow
    There is a brighter world, I know,
    Where golden glories ever shine,
    Beyond the thought of day’s decline.
    • Refrain:
      Beyond the sunset’s radiant glow,
      There is a brighter world, I know;
      Beyond the sunset I may spend
      Delightful days that never end.
  2. Beyond the sunset’s purple rim,
    Beyond the twilight, deep and dim,
    Where clouds and darkness never come,
    My soul shall find its heav’nly home.
  3. Beyond the desert, dark and drear,
    The golden city will appear;
    And morning’s lovely beams arise
    Upon my mansion in the skies.


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