• Lyricist: Charles W. Naylor, pub.1900
  • Composer: Clarence E. Hunter, pub.1900
  • Subjects: Experience, Satisfaction
  • Scriptures: Song of Solomon 2:16; Philippians 1:21
  • Key: A♭
  • Meter: D
  • Downloads: PDF,
  1. Christ is mine, my heart’s dear treasure,
    Greater than all earthly store,
    Filled with His untold abundance,
    Yearns not now my heart for more.
    • Refrain:
      Christ is mine, and every longing
      Satisfies abundantly;
      He’s my joy, my hope, my glory,
      He is all, yes, all to me.
  2. Christ is mine, my hope of glory,
    Anchor of my trusting soul,
    Holding fast while in the tempest,
    Stormy waves around me roll.
  3. Christ, the source of all my pleasure,
    Now in Him my soul doth find
    Joy unspeakable, exceeding
    Earthly pleasures all combined.
  4. Christ is mine, my loving Savior,
    For He gave His life for me;
    Ransomed thus from sinful bondage
    I am His eternally.


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