• Lyricist: Clara M. Brooks, 1911
  • Composer: Daniel O. Teasley, 1911
  • Subjects: Worship
  • Scriptures: Isaiah 33:17; Psalm 16:11; Jude 1:24
  • Key: G
  • Meter: R
  • Downloads: PDF, MP3
  1. I have found the joy of God,
    In His sacred, blest abode,
    Oh, the comfort of the peace that fills my soul!
    And a day His courts within,
    Far exceedeth all in sin,
    In His secret presence I’m abiding.
    • Refrain:
      I shall see Him, I shall see Him,
      I shall see Him in His beauty over there;
      In His likeness I’ll behold Him,
      He is waiting for me at the portals.
  2. Of my life the fountain spring,
    Now my all to Thee I bring,
    Thou, O Lord, art all my heart’s supreme delight!
    Whom have I in heav’n but Thee?
    None on earth so dear to me,
    Thou alone art altogether lovely.
  3. How the heav’nly chorus rings,
    While my heart in rapture sings
    Sweetest anthems of my Savior’s joyful praise;
    He’s the fairest of the fair,
    Nothing can with Him compare,
    He’s to me the chief among ten thousand.
  4. Take the world, for Christ is mine,
    In His kingdom I would shine,
    Let me labor all my days and years for Him:
    Perfect love and bliss abound
    In His presence, I have found,
    Life is joy supreme and full of glory.


Audio courtesy Hymns of Grace


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